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Mobil’s Delvac 1 Synthetic Engine Oil
It Keeps Truckers Rolling Longer and More Profitably

Awarded 1998 Product of the Year by Lubricants World

The highly respected Lubricants World ‘Product of the Year’ recognition goes to a commercially available product that’s expected to be outstanding in the marketplace in the new year. The 1998 winner is Mobil’s Delvac 1 Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil.

As the nation’s economy rolls along, America’s truckers are carrying not only their share of the increased load but what some railroaders seem unable to handle.Trucks and trailers are on the road more and in the shop less. At the same time with key costs escalating and freight rates restrained, pressure to hold down operating expenses has never been greater. This is a time when diesel engines must meet evertightening environmental standards.

It is an economic atmosphere in which Delvac 1 has proven to thrive.

  • Highway transports using this product are remaining in service longer, delivering more freight, earning more revenue.
  • Engine oil drain intervals of 60,000 miles and beyond are typical for them. Intervals between engine overhauls are running to a million miles or more.
  • Operating costs are lower. Latest figures show users of Delvac 1 are averaging 3 percent greater fuel economy. One field test shows a 5.7 percent improvement.

Mobil’s first on-highway synthetic diesel engine oil arrived in 1977: Delvac SHC. It was a product ahead of its time, a niche item for special applications. The technology on which it is based is an offshoot of that developed for Mobil 1, the world’s most popular synthetic motor oil for passenger cars. Re-formulated in 1983, the diesel engine oil was given the name Delvac 1 at that time.

Delvac 1′s technical excellence, due to an advanced formulation of polyalphaolefin and ester base stocks and a special additive package, is matched by a top-notch support through highly service oriented dealers and distributors program.

Mobil marketers calculate Delvac 1 — which is higher in price compared to oils based on petroleum base stocks and semi-synthetic blends — pays off for truckers and other users in at least three ways:

  • Increased Fuel Economy… averages 3 percent or more. In Caterpillar 3176B field tests, Delvac 1 achieved 5.7 percent more miles per gallon than a conventional 15W40 oil (7.39 vs. 6.99 mpg). In a Detroit Diesel Series 60 field test, mpg with Delvac 1 was 4.7 percent greater (6.41 vs. 6.12 mpg).
  • Extended Vehicle Service… results from oil drain intervals of least 60,000 miles. Fewer oil changes reduce labor costs, increase vehicle availability, reduce materials needed and create less waste oil for disposal.
  • Better Corrosion Protection, Reduced Engine Component Wear and Fewer Piston Deposits… help extend engine service life.

Low-temperature starting and pumpability is excellent. In cold weather, engines using the oil crank faster, reducing strain and drain on such components as the battery, starter, and alternator. Oil flows more quickly to the entire engine. Safe engine starts at temperatures of 0º F are reported. In some instances, this can eliminate or reduce the need for block heaters.

  • A refrigerator truck-trailer fleet operator in Tekamah, Neb., finds that not only do its reefers start more easily with Delvac 1, but that oil and filters now can be changed twice a year instead of four times.
  • In some cases, the drain interval for its Thermo King reefers has been increased 2,000 to 4,000 hours.
  • A reefer operator in Buffalo, N.Y., has extended its oil change intervals to 3,000 hours of operation from 1,000 hours before switching to Delvac 1.

Mobil is offering a “no-risk performance warranty” to fleet operators using Delvac 1 in new engines, such as the Cummins N14, Caterpillar 3406, Detroit Diesel Series 60 or Mack E7. To qualify, the truck or tractor must log at least 100,000 miles a year with under 30 percent idling time. Its engine maintenance and fuel economy (at least 6.5 mpg) must be documented. Mobil’s EM/PA II Oil Analysis Program must be used. Advance written approval from Mobil must be obtained for oil drain intervals beyond 60,000 miles and/or four times the OEM recommendation.

This warranty is available through Superior Pertroleum. Contact us for complete information. We can assist you in implementing a comprehensive program and showing you how switching to Delvac 1 will pay for itself in short order.

Delvac 1 also is suitable for use in gasoline engines.

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