Heritage / Perspective

Superior Petroleum operates on a philosophy that was set forth by founder C.W. Huber back in 1921. He believed that, “When One Succeeds, We All Succeed.” Huber even went so far as to lend trucks, equipment, products and services to friends, neighbors, and even competitors in their time of need. That philosophy is as true today under the present generation of management as it was, now more than 80 years ago.

In order to maintain our competitive edge in the market place, we have made very specific commitments to ourselves and to our customers… to keep at the forefront of technology… to be among the best informed in terms of how products are designed to work, and which products are best for which applications… and to insure that our people have a positive, courteous and service-oriented attitude any time they’re dealing with anyone with whom they come in contact. As representatives of our company, in whatever capacity they may serve, we want to be sure that the same caring attitude that C.W. had still comes across today.

Our business is anything BUT impersonal. And we believe it’s that ‘personal concern’ that differentiates us from any other marketing organization selling petroleum products and services to customers. We’re not willing to compromise our hard-earned reputation nor our integrity by providing anything less than the highest level of service that we are capable of delivering. That’s why we take the time to get to know our customers on a more in-depth basis — to better understand their needs and the goals they have for their businesses. When we can play a role in helping customers succeed, we believe that we can earn their TRUST and their LOYALTY… two assets that unfortunately have become rare commodities in today’s frenetic business environment.

As we continue to venture on into this new millennium, we at Superior Petroleum Products pledge to continue — and to improve upon — the tradition and founding principals espoused by C.W. Huber…. We still firmly believe that when one succeeds, we all succeed. We’re firmly committed to your success.

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