Superior Petroleum Products is a stocking distributor for two of Mobil’s most innovative, beneficial and in-demand products

America’s truckers continue to carry not only their share of the increased load required by today’s tight economy, but also what some railroaders seem unable to handle. Trucks and trailers are on the road more and in the shop less. It HAS to be that way; it’s a matter of simple economics. At the same time with key costs escalating and freight rates restrained, pressure to hold down operating expenses has never been greater. This is a time when diesel engines must meet ever-tightening environmental standards.

It is an economic atmosphere in which Mobil Delvac 1 Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil has proven to thrive. More Here….

Mobil EAL® (Environmental Awareness Lubricant) 224H Hydraulic Fluid (designed for industrial applications)

(designed for industrial applications)Recognized as a “Better Choice for Industry,” Mobil® Oil Corporation has introduced the first biodegradable, non-toxic hydraulic fluid with performance characteristics comparable to the premium mineral oil-based fluids.Mobil EAL® (Environmental Awareness Lubricant) 224H hydraulic fluid can be used in nearly every application where the corresponding grade of mineral-oil fluid is called for. These include construction, mining, forestry, agriculture and manufacturing. In particular, any business operating equipment on or near water or regulated lands can now take advantage of the environmentally biodegradable and non-toxic fluid. More Here….

Superior now also stocks an extensive line of quality Exxon products as well. Consult with your Superior account manager to learn about Mobil and Exxon products that may be well suited for your operation and your specific circumstances.

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