Keep-Fill Program

Superior provides a comprehensive “Keep-Fill” Service Program both for Commercial and Industrial Customers… at No Additional Cost to them. Essentially it works like this:

  1. Once we become a customer’s ‘supplier of choice’ for bulk fuels, lubricants and solvents, then for those who wish to have us assist in maintaining their product inventories, we develop a Customer Profile indicating how much of what products are purchased and used, and how often.
  2. We then take on the responsibility on maintaining the customer’s product inventories, to ensure that they never run out of any product they rely on to maintain their operating procedures and lubrication-critical systems. We set up delivery schedules well in advance of any possible short-fall, to ‘virtually guarantee’ that their operation will not experience an outage or production slow-down due to a lack of fuels, lubricants and solvents.

It simply means one less thing for you to concern yourself with, since you have more than enough to do. It also saves money for customers, in several ways:

  1. Relying on ‘Just-In-Time’ supply helps maximize the customers’ cash flow, by not tying up monies in product inventories that may be purchased well in advance of when they would actually be needed.
  2. It also helps customers to better allocate their ‘manpower’ (or womanpower, as the case may be), by freeing up your staff’s time issues to concentrate on matters more suited to their responsibilities, thus helping to increase their productivity and improve your operating efficiency.
  3. Last, but certainly not least, when we can plan our schedules in advance to know when we’ll need to make product available for you, that helps us hold down our costs, and keep our prices as competitive as we can for customers… and we then pass those savings along to you.

Ask to speak with a sales representative who can fill you in on all the details. And remember, this value-added service comes to you at no additional cost to the competitive price you pay for your products.


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