Mobil Monitor

Mobil® Monitor Used Oil Trend Analysis

Mobil® Monitor — Mobil’s customized used oil trend analysis program – monitors your equipment’s performance, allowing you to maximize resources and eliminate maintenance headaches. It allows you to spot a potential problem before it causes equipment damage and downtime.
. . . The Mobil® Monitor program provides customized used oil analysis for all of your applications, and software is available to complement the program. To see how fast and easy the used oil analysis software works, download Mobil’s complimentary demo (available on the Mobil site).

Mobil® Monitor provides the following benefits:

    • Reduced unscheduled downtime.
    • Increased production of acceptable parts.
    • Lower maintenance labor costs.
    • Reduced lubricant consumption.
    • Fewer machine replacement parts.
    • Lower purchasing costs.
    • Assurance of effective maintenance control.
    • Safety and environmental improvements.

This program helps prevent problems and protect your bottom line with a range of services:

  • Planning: Mobil engineers help you plan your maintenance routine to include effective and appropriate sampling intervals, tests and methods.
  • Sampling: Mobil engineers train you on how to use the most effective methods and appropriate personnel for sampling.
    Analyzing: Mobil’s state-of-the-art lab accurately analyzes samples using objective industry standards and thorough testing practices.
  • Recommending: After interpreting results, Mobil engineers incorporate their recommendations and follow up with you to help implement any necessary changes as a result of the analysis.
  • Documenting: Mobil engineers provide comprehensive summaries and trend reports so you can identify and predict maintenance trends and wear patterns.

Mobil® Monitor helps protect your capital investment and improve your bottom line. Mobil’s oil analysis reporting software, Mobil Monitor, is designed for the management of oil analysis, letting you display, trend and graph all of the data. The software is available in the following three customized versions:

Lubrication Technician: for technicians in the production and maintenance departments.
Maintenance Professional: for maintenance professionals who use predictive and proactive maintenance techniques.
Corporate Network: for employees on the corporate computer network, which allows multiple users to access and display oil analysis at the same time.

To order your version of Mobil® Monitor software, call 1-800-727-7128. Or, call Danny Shelton at Superior; (219) 663-0330. Visit Mobil’s Media Room for more information on Mobil® Monitor.

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