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If you need MSDSs, you can use the following link find to find practically anything you might be looking for with regard to ExxonMobil products:

MSDS Explanation of Terms*

Many of our customers (not to mention non-customers alike; competitors too!) have told us how invaluable they’ve found this document…

MSDS Explanation of Terms … or you can click here to Download a Printable PDF file*

…when it comes to understanding how to understand and interpret MSDSs (Material Safety Data Sheets). In fact, most keep a printout copy right on top in their MSDS file. Quite a number have also made it a point to run copies and pass them out to their maintenance personnel. And that’s fine with us… we’re happy to provide the service!
Take a few moments to review the information. We’re sure you’ll find it helpful as well. If you have any comments about how we can improve on this, please send them to us. This is simply one more way we can be of service — keeping you informed about matters that can help you run your business better.

If you should need help deciphering something on an MSDS or on the Explanation of Terms, just pick up the phone and call us at 219.663.0330 or 708.868.6710. We’ll be only too happy too assist. Or if you find it more convenient, simply EMAIL US HERE.

  • While this item was written originally featuring the Mobil trade name and product line, most of these terms are universal across product lines. Thus this document is also applicable to the Exxon line of products.
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