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Lubrication Products for Your Every Industrial Need

Superior Petroleum is among a highly select group of ExxonMobil stocking distributors who are able to offer virtually the entire ExxonMobil product line of quality oils, fuels, lubricants, greases, solvents, synthetics, and related products.

Within the Mobil line, which we’ve carried since we started our bulk lubricants business, are some of the highest quality products for commercial and industrial applications available anywhere throughout the lubrication industry.

And, with the merger of Exxon and Mobil within in the past couple of years, this line of products has been broadened immensely, to include the complete Exxon lubricants line. This extends Superior’s ability to provide precisely the right product for any and every industrial application.

So, whether you run a blast furnace, a bank of stamping presses, a heat treating or CNC machining operation, or a fleet of vehicles large or small, or whatever… there are products to suit pretty much every possible need.

Your Superior Petroleum account representative is specially trained to advise you as to exactly which products are best for your type of industrial or commercial application. Call him or her today, at their direct number, or at 219.663.0330 or 708.868.6710.

Below is a concise listing of product categories that we have on hand.

Automotive Engine Oils
Gear Oils & Lubricants
Transmission Fluid
Fuels Diesels (low & high sulfur)
Gasolines (grade by grade)
K-1 Kerosene
Synthetics Delvac 1
Gear Lubricants
Mobil 1
Transmission Fluid
Power Steering Fluid
Compressor Oils
Metalworking Lubes & Coolants
Windshield Wash Solvent
Biodegradable Cleaners
Turbine Oils
Circulating Oils
Hydraulic Oils and Fluids


If you’d like to spend some time checking out the vast assortment of Mobil or Exxon fuels, lubricants and related products for yourself, ExxonMobil provides an extensive Online Documents Library for customers. It may be a little overwhelming, but we’ll try to help you make sense of it here.

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