For more specific information about how this program can benefit your industrial operation, call Dan Shelton, TAG Program Manager, at 219.663.0330. Or, to email him click this link: techsupport@superiorpetroleum.com.


Not really. When we talk about TAG in Superior Petroleum lingo, we’re talking a new and very beneficial, “in-demand” service we now provide to industrial customers throughout our territory.
. . . TAG actually stands for “Technical Assistance Graphics.” It’s a visual identification system designed to help your plant engineers and maintenance staff more efficiently administer to, and monitor your manufacturing production systems to minimize down-time and provide optimal productivity.
. . . “The TAG program has been a big help to us here at Acme Steel. It eliminates doubt of the wrong product and quantity levels. We also have it incorporated into our preventative maintenance program to aid our mechanics,” explained Chris Locke, maintenance controller, Acme Steel CSP Riverdale, IL.
. . . How the program works is, one of our Industrial Product specialists comes to a customer’s plant and reviews any and all lubrication systems utilized within the manufacturing or finishing process. He then works hand-in-hand with the plant’s lubrication engineers to insure that each system is assured of getting the right product, in the right amounts, at the right times. And he develops a systematic schedule whereby the plant engineers and maintenance know exactly when and how to manage their production systems’ lubrication requirements.
. . . One of the most noticeable features of the TAG program is just what the name implies: each system is prominently tagged by Superior’s technician. The tags display all the system-critical information that an engineer or maintenance person would need to know about the equipment and its lubrication requirements. The following diagram shows a typical tag, along with its customary ‘legend’ explaining the system.Tags are produced in various sizes to accommodate the amount of information that relate to the system being diagramed; anything from “luggage tag” size to full-sheet size – and everything in-between – are developed, laminated for durability, and wire-tied to the component, as close to its critical lubrication point as practical.

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